Traditional Wedding in Historic Butte Montana
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Sunday, July 02, 2017

I'm going to get a little sentimental today. {I know, I know...when am I NOT sentimental. Lol!} Six years ago I photographed the wedding of my cousin Rich and his amazing wife, Heidi.  It was my 3rd wedding, and the start of my 2nd wedding season.  I was a little over a year out of photography school, growing my wedding photography business and mostly doing senior portraiture at the time.  When I look back on that day, I see the start of something so dear to me.  I have been so blessed over the past 8 years to be able to do what I do.  I have grown so much as a photographer, business owner & most of all, as a person since shooting this wedding.  I can't thank the couples, Rich & Heidi included, who gave me a chance in those early years...and gave me the experience I needed!

Okay - enough about me! Rich & Heidi were married at the historic St. Lawrence Church in Butte, Montana.  Their day included their adorable miracle, Gunnar (oh my goodness, he was so tiny & young in these photos!!!) and they were surrounded by family & friends.  In traditional wedding fashion, the majority of their images were taken at the church, and then they had a great big party for their reception.  I have to say this - I don't normally love when couples smash cake in each other's faces.  But if you knew these was totally fitting.  Lol!  And Rich wiping some last smudges of cake from Heidi's face during their first dance was pretty sweet.  Probably my favorite moment of the day.

Happy 6th Anniversary, Rich & Heidi!  These past six years you guys have built such a beautiful life, including the addition of another miracle, Noah.  Thank you for letting me be a small part of your wedding day.  I'm thankful that we are family.  Love you & miss you guys!  Have an amazing Anniversary week!


{{**This is a photo heavy blog post. If they happen to quit loading, just press the refresh button. They will load back up right where you left off.**}}

At first I was hesitant to write this post, since the images were from when I was a beginner and aren't completely reflective of my current style.  Can I share my heart with you a little bit?  I feel silly for feeling like that!  While wedding photography is technically my career, I am in the business of serving & loving people!!  And that hasn't changed in the past 8 years.  I haven't always done it perfectly, but I've grown so much...and I continue to grow with each new wedding or session that I complete.  Don't be afraid to share your past.  It's where you started, and I can assure you...your clients & their families still love and cherish their images.  I love every single photo session & wedding that I've ever done.  They are a part of this amazing photography journey that I've been blessed with, and I look forward to see where this road continues to lead me.

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Kelly - The details in the bride's dress are so beautiful!
Rachel - Love the shots of the wee ones getting involved (:
Kaitlin Roten - I love the portrait of the couple in that really cool twisty stair case! Really great composition!
Teira - They are all amazing. If i had to pick only one it would be the shoe shot with the women. Very creative!