Rob & Sophie's Mountain Destination Engagement
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Sunday, September 24, 2017
By Lea Lawson Photography

Sophie reached out to me via email wanting to see if it was possible to just do an engagement session while they were on vacation in Montana.  I typically do a quick search when I get an email inquiry to be sure names & locations match what have been sent to me.  When I did my quick search, I also happened to learn that Sophie is a NICU nurse.  And this was my reply to her:


"Sophie, I think that no matter if we are able to make this work or not, we were meant to cross paths.  Quite often wedding photographers get scam emails posed as photography inquiries.  So, it is just a security habit of mine to copy & paste the contact's name into Facebook and see if the name/location match.  When I did that for you, it caught my attention that you seem to be a NICU nurse.  Last year I spent 161 days at my son's bedside in the NICU.  I only got 5 months & 7 days with him before God called him home, but I don't think I would have gotten that much time with him without his team of core nurses.  They took such amazing care of him, loved him almost as much as we did, and if I'm being honest...they looked after me as well.  Telling me to go and grab a latte, or go take a nap and get out of the nursery for a little bit.  I was given 5 months with my son because of all the staff in a NICU, but especially his nurses.  I can never repay that.  I don't know if you've already found a wedding photographer in VA, but if you haven't...I would love the opportunity to do both your engagement & wedding.  I love traveling, and would love to see if we can work out your engagement in Montana and your wedding in Virginia..."


Friends, I can tell you that I'm so excited because we did work it out!  We met in Montana just a couple weeks ago and photographed their amazing mountain destination engagement near Bozeman, Montana.  And we will be heading out to Virginia for their wedding this spring.  Sometimes our paths cross with people that we are just meant to know.

Rob & Sophie, I had the greatest time taking your engagement images up Hyalite.  We really couldn't have asked for a better backdrop.  But what is even more important is how abundant your love for life and for each other is.  That love is so apparent in every single picture!  Seriously you guys....Montana looks good on you!  :)


Here is look at some of my favorites from Rob & Sophie's engagement session!

Thank for taking a look into Rob & Sophie's amazing mountain engagement!!  Let me know what you think in the comments below!! 

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kaitlin roten - Lea! These are GREAT! Super jealous of that landscape!!!! WOWZERS! And what a precious story to tell about your baby and how that this was a special session for you. I love when you did posing wise with them.