Pink & Black Family Farm Wedding
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Thursday, August 03, 2017
By Lea Lawson Photography

I spent my childhood summers on my grandparent's family farm in a small town in Montana.  So as I was driving to this small town in North Dakota, it just felt a little bit like home...well, minus the mountains.  But you know, I'll take what I can get!!  Kyle & Jana's lives are this farm, so it made perfect sense to me that the majority of their wedding would take place on it!  We used the farm as our backdrop, & the images turned out amazing!  There was even a wedding first for me at this one - I climbed into that big huge green tractor in a dress to see where I wanted it parked.  { was pretty fun. I'd totally do it again. Ha!} 

The reception took place at Bear Creek Lodge in Verona, ND.  At one point the town had a school, but it was closed.  So, they turned the old school into an events center & lodge.  Classrooms were turned into lodging for guests (I stayed in one for the weekend!!) and the gym became the reception hall!!  So often functional buildings waste away when getting shut down, but this community made sure it didn't, and turned it into something great that can be used all year round!  Family & friends & KIDS were a huge part of their day, so as you are scrolling through the are going to see some great candids of all the littles!  They kept the day light, and fun, and not too serious...they were all just a perfect addition to the day!

I had such a great time at Kyle & Jana's wedding!  It seems to be a running theme on this blog, but they really treated me like family that weekend.  I've been extremely blessed with some really amazing couples over the course of my career, and Kyle & Jana are no exception.  I got to hang out with them and see the farm the evening before the wedding at the rehearsal.  We had such a fun time throughout the big day on the farm taking photos, and they always made sure I was fed or had something to drink.  And once I was finished photographing at the reception, they asked me to stay and just hang out.  I got pulled out on to the dance floor a couple times, and just had a wonderful time winding down with everyone.

Kyle & Jana, your wedding was three years ago and I still remember it fondly.  I had such a great time with you guys, and your family & friends.  I hope that the past three years have been an amazing time for you!  Verona, North Dakota will always hold a special place in my heart.

Happy Anniversary!!


Here is a look into Kyle & Jana's wedding three summers ago.


{{**This is a photo heavy blog post. If they happen to quit loading, just press the refresh button. They will load back up right where you left off.**}}

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Kaitlin Roten - I love those ones in the "forest" of him back against the tree! Those are great! And so much moss on the tree!
Rachel Downey - These are cute! Love that little pop of the cowboy boots (: