Natural & Sustainable Teller Wedding
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Thursday, September 21, 2017
By Lea Lawson Photography

I didn't actually meet Carson & Nicole until the day of their wedding.  This is very unusual for me, as I normally have had a few meetings & photographed an engagement session before the big day.  But these two were in Alaska finishing their master's degrees, and wouldn't be in Montana until their wedding week.  Instead, I chatted over the phone with Nicole a few times working out details, and then made my way to Teller Wildlife Refuge on a warm and beautiful {almost} fall day in September.  I was right at home with their family & friends the moment that I arrived!  The entire day just felt relaxed, laid back and full of love...and was a whole lot of fun!  Carson & Nicole wanted their day to be as sustainable as possible, and I think as you peruse all the details of their day, you will see that they did a beautiful job accomplishing this.  The decoration & tableware were all reusable or recyclable. {Seriously - just wait until you see the handmade quilt that was the backdrop behind the head table.}  The floral arrangements and bouquets were made from wild flowers & fresh herbs.  They turned out beautiful, and smelled delicious!!  They had fields and beautiful mountains as their backdrop.  There were also so many sentimental moments throughout the day.  During the ceremony, they passed their rings through every person there, starting with their wedding party.  I feel extremely privileged to have captured such a sacred moment - as each guest touched their rings, the couple let them know how much they had already touched their lives.  Carson and Nicole also chose to serve their guests their meal.  It was such a sweet moment to witness, and shows what an amazing heart of service these two have.  These are just a couple of them, but I am sure as you peruse through the photos, you will see the thoughtfulness that they put into their wedding.  You guys - everything about this day was just beautiful and amazing, and I am so excited to share it with you again on my newly updated blog!

Carson & Nicole - four years ago I photographed one of my favorite weddings.  Your love for each other, your family, friends and all your guests was apparent the entire day.  The day was beautiful, natural and just full of so much life!  I just smile every time I look through your gallery of images, and remember that day so fondly.  I hope these first 4 years of your lives have been so amazing, and wishing the very, very best in your future!!


{{**This is a photo heavy blog post. If they happen to quit loading, just press the refresh button. They will load back up right where you left off.**}}

Thank you so much for taking a look into Carson & Nicole's beautiful Teller Wedding!  I hope you were inspired by the beautiful backdrop that is Montana, and all the sweet touches that they added to their day.  Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer, Carson & Nicole!  I had such a wonderful time documenting your day, and I still just smile every time I look through your gallery. 

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Kaitlin Roten - I love the b&w of the groom by the tree! That's so great! Her dress is AMAZING! and they served people food at their wedding? That's a great show of hospitality and service! What are those bokeh hearts?
Rachel Downey - I love me some detail shots (:
Amanda - Wow! So many wonderful shots I’m not sure which ones on my favorite. Probably the ceremony where the groom is wiping (what I assume is) a tear off the brides cheek. So much beautiful light on their wedding day!!