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Saturday, June 24, 2017

I recently updated my business name, branding and am still in the middle of updating my website...I knew that a complete redo of my blog would be necessary.  I'm not completely sure what that looks like yet, as I'm not the greatest blogger in the world...but I knew that I wanted my very first post to be special. It just so happens that two of our closest friends celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary this weekend (technically it was yesterday...but I'm considering it their "anniversary weekend".  Lol.)  And I can't think of anything more special than celebrating these two!  Josh and Grant met at Best Buy (where so many of our friendships have begun) and we all became fast friends.  We spent countless evenings & weekends cooking dinner & having drinks, going to our favorite local breweries, and just living life together!  It was so exciting when Grant proposed, and we couldn't wait for the big day!  Meagan asked me to be her matron of honor, and Grant asked Josh to be a groomsman...but we wanted to photograph the wedding as well.  So, we set out to make it work!  Since my second shooter would be walking with me down the aisle, we found a third shooter for just the ceremony!  We did as many of the photographs as we could before the ceremony, and mastered using the tripod, posing while leaving a space for ourselves, and directing Grant's gracious cousin at the trigger.  Lol!  I've found myself thinking back on that time in our lives, and it just makes me smile.  I remember the girls trip that me, Meagan & her mom made to Spokane to find her dress.  I remember the moment that she put it on, and we all was the one.  That weekend was filled with dresses and tulle, agonizing over the color of bridesmaid dresses, eating good food & drinking martinis.  We spent weekends finding the perfect decorations, dreaming about how the day would look and looking forward to being married women together.  And then all that dreaming & planning & work came together...and we made our way to Tarkio River Lodge for the festivities!  We watched A River Runs Through It out on the lawn our first night there, and then decorated our tails off on Friday.  We took on making our favorite ginger dressing that night to go on the salads for dinner...which led to some panic, a lot of laughter and triumph!  And then the day arrived...and it was a magical day!  Grant & Meagan were surrounded by the people who love them most, and were so excited to see them take this big step towards their future.  We laughed, we cried...and we danced until the wee hours of the morning!  {And then Josh proceeded to wake up early so he could squeeze them fresh orange juice.  What a guy!!}

Grant & Meagan - I hope that the past 5 years have been the greatest of your lives, and that they just keep getting better!  We miss all the fun & crazy times we had in our beloved Missoula!  Though time & distance has separated us, we still love you guys so much and wish the very best for you and your sweet family of 4.


So here is hoping that one will live here in Minneapolis.  Lol!  We swear - Best Buy Corporate is the greatest thing ever!! ;)  For the time being, I really hope that we will get to see each other for at least a moment when we come back to Seattle from our cruise to Alaska in July.  We hope you are having the greatest time ever in Missoula for your anniversary..even if I am a TAD jealous that you're there and we're not.  Love you!!


{{**This is a photo heavy blog post. If they happen to quit loading, just press the refresh button. They will load back up right where you left off.**}}

Josh and I did a great job tag teaming throughout the day and during the reception, so we could still be part of it...and capture all the fun moments at the same time!  After awhile, we set the cameras down and just enjoyed the party!  It was a long was a lot of hard work pulling double duty, but we wouldn't have had it any other way.  Photographing weddings is just really special to begin with, and when you get to do it for your best is all the sweeter!  We didn't miss out on a single moment of the day, and if you think about it...that is really amazing.


Hope this is the best anniversary yet, G & M!  Love you & miss you lots!!



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Kelly - These are so beautiful! What a gorgeous wedding!
Kaitlin Roten - The location you found the the first look is GORGEOUS! Way to go! I also love the tufted green chair. So beautiful!
Rachel - Love the detail shots, and of course getting the pup involved (:
Teira - Beautiful images. You did a great job with mid day sun! Anyone who says mid day sun can't/shouldn't be done should see these.

Love the head table and log back ground
Mindy - Beautiful images of a beautiful day Lea!
Julie - Love these photos, Lea. I really love the one with the wedding rings, the veil over the couple and you and the bride dancing! Just celebrated our 12th anniversary this week, so this made me sentimental.
Kimberly - Awww, such a fun day! Love the photos!!
Cassie - I love your work, of course. You have such a great eye and you capture the most beautiful moments.
Candace W - What great memories!! Thank you for sharing all these great photos. We miss y'all here in Missoula yet are glad for your life where God has you! ❤
Kelly Crippen - Love the photos and the great story of that special day.
Sandy a - Beautiful photos Lea!
Meagan Reynolds - Lea! This post makes me smile and reminisce about that amazing weekend and our special friendship. You're such a talented photographer and a wonderful friend. You were a big part of what made the weekend run smoothly and the wedding and reception look so wonderful. We miss you!!!