There are three things you should know about me. I love coffee, Jesus and Ed Sheeran. (Maybe not in that order...)

Hi! I'm Lea. Wife to Josh - the cute guy in the photo with me. I am mom to 2 precious babies in Heaven, Ellie & Layton.

I am a dog mama to Bailey. the grumpy...I mean precocious yorkie, and Sadie, the sweet but not so smart cocker spaniel. (We always tell her that she's lucky she's so pretty!)

I have a deeply rooted faith in Jesus. Not because my life has been all cupcakes & rainbows…quite the opposite actually. I'm living this life day to day without two babies that we prayed for, longed for and wanted to keep so badly.  There isn't a day that goes by where I don't long for them, and grieve their absence. 

On this journey, I’ve learned that the love of God is never fleeting, even in your darkest of hours. I’ve learned of everlasting compassion. I’ve found that there can be joy, even amidst heartbreak.

I look through the lens a little differently now. With more tenderness, but more urgency at the same time. I understand how important photographs are on a completely different level. A level that I would rather no one ever join me at, because it comes at great costs. 

My heart will swell when you say your vows.  I will laugh with you when your best man brings up an inappropriate story in his toast. I will cry with you when you dance with your dad. I will cheer you on as you go through this life, and hope that I get to be a small part of it by being your photographer. My wish is that your wedding is just our start, and you will allow me to be there as your family grows in whatever fashion that might be (dogs, cats, babies, birth, adoption, fostering, nieces & nephews…).

Okay. That was a whole lot of serious. How about this. I LOVE Starbucks. LOVE. Not Caribou. Starbucks. If we meet for coffee…it’s going to be at a Starbucks. I insist. :)   I also love Stella Rosa Pink. If you are a sweet wine lover…I highly suggest you go and get a bottle of this wine right now. You will thank me. My husband also makes an amazing basil lemonade that is the epitome of summer. I can give you the recipe…he totally won’t mind. ;)

Alright…I’ve established that I have an affinity for beverages. There are other things I love too! Like dancing. I will absolutely dance with you guys at your wedding if you invite me out on the dance floor. I love trying out new restaurants with Josh, and since we just moved to the cities…everything is new to us! So, we will totally take you up on your recommendations. I love to watch movies – at the theater, Netflix, HBO Now…doesn’t matter where. I just love movies {…and popcorn}.

I am 100% a Montana girl. It is my favorite place on this earth, and the coolest thing about shooting weddings…I get to go back. I will absolutely shoot your Montana wedding!! Hit me up on the contact form below, and we’ll work it out. While Montana & Minnesota are very different from each other, there are some similarities that are making me love it here. I am so happy about that, and I am very excited about the weddings here. It is going to be awesome, and I look forward to being a part of yours! So, let’s grab a fantastic beverage (coffee, wine, cocktail…I’m not picky) and have a chat. About you. About your story. About photography. About your wedding. You can tell me about your favorite drinks & restaurants…or the latest movie you’ve seen. Anything. Let’s find out if I’m the right fit for your story.


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